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I have had chronic neck, shoulder and upper back pain for almost three years due to a work related injury. I have seen several chiropractors and specialists around the bay area including a number of professionals referred by my former employer. It was not until these last six months of being treated by Sean Levesque that I've finally found relief. Sean is not interested in giving me temporary relief. With each appointment he not only finds a way to make long lasting adjustments but also equips me with the tools I need to continue the healing process. Sean has given me the hope that I have been looking for and the quality of life that I almost thought wasn't possible!!! 
Thank you Sean.
-Shannon, 31   -Santa Rosa, CA
Hi Sean, Thank you tremendously for today. I learned a lot, I don't think anyone has ever handled my body in such a matter of fact and thorough way. You infused a lot of passion into our session which I was very struck and inspired by. After ward and all evening I could feel my thinking a lot clearer and my thoughts geared in a much more proactive way. I'd be eager to learn about any more brain balancing actives we could do. If you can please email me a summary of all your tips, I would greatly appreciate it. Geez I just feel like I went to a body mechanic . Thank you thank you thank you.
-Marcos, 31   -San Francisco, CA
Sean's chiropractic adjustments were healing and I respect the skills he has learned. I've learned he's also a man of high integrity and has a great sense of humor
-Ric, 51    - San Rafael, CA
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