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Arrive at night in the city of Istanbul, Turkey
Private transportation to the hotel will be provided. Meet with other individuals and get ready for an amazing mission trip





Welcome breakfast in beautiful Istanbul featuring a traditional Turkish breakfast in the comfort of your residence. During breakfast we will officially introduce everyone. Following breakfast we all head out and explore the historical sites of Turkey. The first two days as a tourist will give yourself the time to adjust to the 10 hour difference. After exploring the streets of Istanbul, from the Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern, bazaars and countless cathedrals, we will then dine together and talk about the many days ahead of service to the people of Bulgaria.




We will wake up rested and set for one more day of adventure. We will take this opportunity to schedule a last minute visit to any other historical site missed on the previous day. We will prepare for our short flight to Varna, Bulgaria. Once in Varna we will travel by private bus to the city of Pomorie, approximately 2 hours, this will be are main adjusting location. Along the way we will get a chance to experience the views of the north eastern Bulgarian countryside. We will also have a chance to share adjusting tips and techniques. Depending on our arrival time, we will engage in a short technique seminar to prepare for the following day of adjusting. We will share another meal together as a group and check into our resort on the black sea in the beautiful city of Pomorie.





Each morning you will wake up to a traditional Bulgarian breakfast prepared especially for the group. After breakfast you will start you first day of adjusting. We will provide service to the many underserved people of Bulgaria. Chiropractic is still not recognized in the country of Bulgaria, so this will be a great opportunity to educate and inspire the locals on the magic and benefits of chiropractic. With the help of local city councilman Mr. Stoyanov, students from the English school of Burgas and advertisements from local radio and news stations we are sure to have a promising and self-fulfilling mission trip. Lunch will be provided daily so that you can focus on serving the locals with plenty of energy. At night, you are free to dine on your own in any of the area restaurants and then join us for a beautiful tour of the port city Neesebar.





Another full day of reconnecting our Bulgarian brothers and sisters to the innate power within! At night get ready for a spectacular dining experience at one of Pomorie's famous restaurants where we will participate in Bulgarian customs and have a memorable evening.





We will continue to serve the locals that are anxiously waiting for your amazing care. This will be our third day adjusting at our location.  Some will have the chance to see previous patients from the first day and offer a much needed follow up, the benefits of serving multiple days in the same location. In the evening we will check out another one of the well traveled restaurants located on the black sea of Bulgaria.





On the last day of adjusting, we will leave it all on the table. We will have inspired hundreds to thousands of locals and tourists alike with the power of chiropractic. Our mission will have spread to the surrounding cities and you will have a feeling of a well-earned accomplishment. This will be our last night in the beautiful city of Pomorie. We will enjoy another evening of interactive dining and then you will have the freedom to explore the city and partake in any of the spots that you have grown fond over the past few days. We will head north to Varna in the morning.





Following breakfast at the hotel, we will load up the buses and head north.  Along our journey we will have a chance to visit the port city of Nessebar, the beautiful beach of Sunny Beach and then still have time to explore the city of Varna. In the evening we will celebrate our last night together. We will reflect on the time served in Bulgaria and share some of our favorite moments. After the meal you will be free to head out on the town, be advised though, that the morning flight leaves Varna at 4 am.





In the morning rise and shine bright and early, or maybe your night never ended? You will be heading home today. Some of you may choose to continue on another adventure, but this will be the end of our mission trip together. You flight will depart out of Varna at 4 am. It is a short 1 hour flight to Istanbul, where you will have a layover for the large part of the morning. The flight out of Istanbul is in the early afternoon and you will arrive at your destination, home, some time that afternoon. Thank you for your hard work and service!




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