Dr. Mike Lane DC


Dr. Mike Lane, DC is a chiropractor and anatomy teacher in San Francisco, CA. He has practiced bodywork since 2000, and has been in private practice as a chiropractor since 2012. His sessions blend therapeutic massage, functional exercise and chiropractic. His passion for teaching is to empower and educate yogis and the public about how their bodies move best, and how to protect themselves from injury through dynamic stability and mobility. In 2008, Dr. Lane began teaching anatomy for yoga teacher trainings, and has had the pleasure of teaching for some of the top yoga instructors in the country. In 2010, he began to teach anatomy to the public at university cadver labs. He blends all of his complimentary modalities to offer amazing care.

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Dr. Sean Levesque DC

San Rafael Chiropractor

Dr. Levesque will be leading the first of many mission trips abroad. His first location will make stops in Istanbul, Turkey and continue onto the eastern boarder of Bulgaria on the Black Sea. It is his goal to educate these communites on the health benefits of chiropractic care. During 2012 Dr. Levesque had the chance to take part in a mission trip to Peru. This was his first exposure to the rewarding experience that mission trips can provide. He personally had the opportunity to serve hundreds of locals in the surrounding communities. Since then, he has been blessed to offer the power of chiropractic to those he encounters. He believes in the ability to create change through education, chiropractic care and exercise.  It is his goal to create missions around the world.

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